IOTIP network have extensive experience in
the design and implementation of intelligent industrial systems.
Network helping customers to fully realize their short and long term
digital transformation and Industry 4.0 goals.







IOTIP SVC ensures the agility and fast results of Digital Transformation targets, smooth services and lifecycle operations from the vendors



Value Proposition
Technology Evaluations
Business Model
Service Design

IOTIP Gateway (under development)
Enterpise DW
IoT platform
Robotics (RPA,RDA,BPM)
Analytics (AI)
API Management

Data Collection, Reliable Integrations
Data Analyzes, Machine Learning

Robotized Processes
Cloud Solutions






If you’re improving an existing business with automation or you’re facing one big challenge. How do you build comprehensive  automation solutions that can bring you added value ?

We’ll show you how to map your development ideas to complete business models and investments plans.  As a tools we are using modern agile development and facilitation metods.

Generally engage phase involves several workshops with the customer, which provides customers with the necessary expertise in automation technologies and common automation use cases

Design and build

Design and build

Customer development targets are planned and implemented in agile lots (sprints and program increments) . Development always respects customer’s prior prioritization.

Development targets are carefully planned and agile methods are used to guide the work. The service portfolio includes the following areas of expertise

  1. Enterprise DW, IoT platform
  2. Robotics (RPA,RDA,BPM)
  3. Analytics (AI)
  4. Cloud, API Management
Execute and operate

Execute and operate

We agree maintenance agreement with the customer, which includes maintenance of the solution with agreed objectives (KPI, SLA). The maintenance agreement includes the ability to contact our Customer Service Center, either for fault reporting or for an additional service request. In addition, the service includes a service manager whose duties include actively interacting with the customer












Virnex Oy is a Finnish company based in Lahti that helps clients with their cloud business.
Virnex provides consultancy and support services in all IOTIP’s business areas

NeXec is an ICT and management consultancy company that offer expert services, specialists, projects and expertise.

For IOTIP’s development projects NeXec is offering specialists and in the other hand IOTIP is offering expertise for NeXec in suitable projects.

Vere is business design company that combines strategic business knowledge and technological capabilities.
IOTIP is participating with it’s experts to Vere’s value network (Arvoverkko) as automation and digitalisation specialists.



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